The Second of May is a creative design studio, based in Antwerp.
We turn ideas into clever concepts, with a soft spot for sleek, abstract design.

Design as a concept
Each of our designs starts from a visual idea. This strong conceptual approach is our trademark. We like things neat and tight. Therefore, we prefer working in a minimalistic style, often inspired by geometry. That's not just an aesthetic choice, but also a functional one: design should not divert attention from the communication message.


We love to create simplicity
The Second of May is specialized in conceptual design in the broad sense of the word, with a slight emphasis on editorial design. We follow all of our projects from start to finish: from the creation of the concept to the creation of the lay-outs, grids, fonts, materials, formats… Each time, the end result is a perfect, ready for print publication.


​Strenght in ... letters
For each assignment we pay much attention to typography. We ensure that not only the font, but also the size, placement and alignment is perfectly right. Here also we consciously opt for a subtle, pure approach to get to the essence, without unnecessary frills. We obviously pay a lot of attention to details, so that we can guarantee a flawless finish. 


Talk first, work second
Every client gets our full attention, without having to deal with detours. We always get together with our clients first to discuss and agree on the design, whether it's a permanent or freelance job. If necessary, we call on specialists to take a project to the next level: copywriters, programmers, illustrators…

Below is a brief outline of the services that we offer:  Art / Creative direction, Brand / Corporate identity, Editorial, Event, Print, Signage, Typography, Web design